SOS Cape Cod Triathlon


Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 07:00 AM


07:00 AM

Cape Cod
Mayo Beach
Wellfleet, MA, 02667
The SOS Cape Cod is officially sold out! If you want to be notified first for 2020 registration, consider volunteering this year. Email us to get on the volunteer list - Thanks! Kathleen & Andy
Event Information
We are excited to announce a new, and different, race coming to Wellfleet in June 2019. The first-ever SOS Cape Cod Triathlon! We partnered with the acclaimed SOS Triathlon®, held annually for 35 years, along New York’s Shawangunk Mountain Range. For the first time ever, an athletic competition is being allowed to enter the scenic lands of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It is not your traditional swim-bike-run format either, rather a 38-mile point-to-point adventure triathlon starting with a bike, followed by a run/swim journey (on sandy trails and in kettle ponds) before ending in Wellfleet for a full meal and after-party. Due to the nature of this race there are qualification standards that must be met.
Event Summary

Like the original SOS event, the race starts with a bike leg; which will leave from Mayo Beach on Cape Cod Bay in the village of Wellfleet. You’ll follow mostly back country roads to Provincetown, then to Truro. Racers will leave the bikes with their support person and venture onto the sandy trails of the National Seashore. Total running is 9 miles. Along the way you will encounter glacier-created kettle ponds which will require three swims: each either a quarter or a half-mile. You’ll finish with a one-mile run along a quiet road to the finish line at Wellfleet’s Congregational Church. You and your support person are welcome at a full meal at the after-party and awards ceremony, held at the Wagner Inn — just a short walk away.

Qualification Standards

As part of your registration for this race, you will need to provide documentation showing you have completed or will complete at least 1 week before the race, one of the following within 18 months of race day: a standard Olympic-distance race in 3:30 hours or less (or adjusted time if a non-standard Olympic); a half-Ironman in 7 hours or less; or an Ironman-distance race in 15 hours or less.

Required of Competitors

Each competitor must designate a support person, or porter,  with vehicle to park in designated areas during the race, to be present at the first transition stop to take your bike, and to be present at the finish line.

SOS History

The SOS Triathlon, founded in 1983 by Don Davis is widely considered to be one of the sport’s most iconic events. Held every September in the rugged hills bordering New Paltz, New York, this eight-stage triathlon (bike-run-swim-run-swim-run-swim-hill climb) attracts some of the world’s best athletes — as well as individually-minded age groupers looking for a challenge unlike anything else. Winning athletes at the 2019 SOS Cape Cod will be invited to compete in the September “2019 Championship” at New Paltz.

Bike Route

• Starts at Mayo Beach, Wellfleet, Cape Cod
• Winds through the narrow streets of this old fishing village before following one of the oldest (and most isolated) roads in New England along Cape Cod Bay to Truro
• Follows the bike lane of the Mid Cape Highway to North Truro
• Enters the North Highlands area of Truro, on quiet windswept roads
• From North Truro, follows Shore Road to Provincetown
• At the Harbor Inn, turns to head back to North Truro
• Follows the bike lane of the Mid Cape Highway for a short stretch
• Enters onto quiet, hilly roads by Castle Hill and Corn Hill — the first place in North America visited by English explorers
• In Truro Center, crosses over to the Ocean side of the Cape (the “Backside”)
• Finishes on Collins Road in Lower Truro, where athletes will meet their support designates and exchange bikes for running/swimming gear

Run/Swim Route
Racers will embark on a combination run/swim effort (9 miles of running, 1.25 of swimming, across seven legs) through the Cape Cod National Seashore lands in Truro and Wellfleet. The runners will be following existing footpaths and both dirt and paved roads, with the last run leg entirely on paved roads

• Run #1: Truro Highlands, 4 miles
• Swim #1: Gull Pond, 0.5 mile
• Run #2: Fire Roads, 2.5 miles
• Swim #2: Great Pond, 0.25 mile
• Run #3: Way 625, 1.5 miles
• Swim #3: Long Pond, 0.5 mile
• Run #4: Long Pond Road, 1 mile
• Finish at Wellfleet Congregational Church

Transfer/Refund Policy

No transfers or substitutions will be allowed. There will be no refunds or deferments.

Rain Date

There is no rain date. Race management reserves the right to modify or shorten the race course in case of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. This has happened often — including the 2017 event -- and athletes should be aware of — and accept — the possibility.

Field Limit
150 athletes will be allowed at SOS Cape Cod. The SOS race in NY sells out in minutes every year.
Post Race
Athletes and support persons are invited to the after-party and awards with a full meal at the Wagner Inn in Wellfleet. Additional meals can be purchased for $20.
Finisher Honors and Awards
All SOS Survivors receive a tech shirt and finisher plaque.

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SOS Cape Cod Triathlon