2019 Fitness 101.2

Brought to you by TeamFootWorks

Monday, March 4, 2019 to Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Monday, March 4, 2019 to Wednesday, April 17, 2019


06:15 PM

FootWorks South Miami
South Miami, FL, 33143-5316
Registration for this event is closed
  • Leadership by Lorena Lama
  • 7 weeks of training with an energetic and motivating group environment
  • Variable pace groups and guidance from experienced, elite, and veteran runners
  • Technical (DriFit or Coolmax) Shirt
  • Clinics to inform you on the latest in shoes, clothing, running gear, stretching, and more
  • More energy, better health, sounder sleep
  • 15% Discount at FootWorks (does not apply to nutrition)
  • Less stress to help you manage life’s curveballs.

TeamFootWorks has crafted Fitness 101, 5K Beginner Training Program, for anyone who wishes to enter or return to a healthier lifestyle. Regular exercise can help protect you from heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, non-insulin dependent diabetes, obesity, back pain, improve your mood and help you to better manage stress. 


We take the large goal of completing a 5K or 3.1 miles and divide it into small, manageable run and walk segments.

Early in the program, the goal may be to run one minute and then walk one minute for a total of 10 minutes. We gradually increase the time until you’re able to run/walk for 40 to 45 minutes.

We hope you supplement our program with some exercising on your own, or with your new training partners throughout the rest of the week (another two days a week for maximum results). By run/walking for 30-45 minutes, 3- 4 days a week you will soon feel and see the positive results of a fitness-conscious lifestyle. By consistently following our Fitness Program, you benefit from increased cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, weight control, and improved attitude/mood.

Also, the camaraderie developed with those who care about their own health and fitness will encourage you stay motivated and eager for every run! Many of our “graduates” of Fitness 101 have continued to run and many are now successful veterans of half marathons, marathons and triathlon races. They will be there to encourage and demonstrate the ease to which you can achieve the same!

There is no pressure or time goal that you have to fulfill – we are here to work out and get fit together!

Participants will meet at FootWorks in South Miami (5724 Sunset Drive – across from Barnes & Noble at Sunset Place) at 6:15pm on Monday and Wednesday nights during the 7 week program. There is curbside parking nearby (pay at the pay station). Also there are a two parking garages nearby at Town Kitchen &Bar and at RA Sushi Bar Restaurant. Warm-ups begin promptly at 6:30pm and last for about 5-10 minutes. The different pace groups then head out on to our course through the quiet, safe neighborhood of South Miami for their workout. We are usually back by 7:20pm.
Absolutely no refunds, exchanges, or transfers.
Temperature/humidity can be high in South Florida. Participants should drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids for 48 hours prior to, during and upon finishing training. Beware of heat-injury symptoms (Dizziness, no sweating, nausea, cramps, redness, incoherent speech and thoughts). Seek immediate assistance if symptoms occur. Wear loose, light colored clothing.
TeamFootWorks reserves the right to postpone or cancel the session due to events out of our control such as but not limited to lightning, natural disaster, or other emergencies. No refunds will be issued under these circumstances. The course or training distances may also be altered for the safety of the athletes. 
2019 Fitness 101.2