Build the Base Virtual Tri


Saturday, November 7, 2020 to Sunday, November 15, 2020

Saturday, November 7, 2020 to Sunday, November 15, 2020


12:01 AM

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Event Information
Let's all "Build the Base" together! Build the Base virtual triathlon is our last virtual tri of 2020! We will swim (or do an alternate activity), bike, and run, building our base fitness. A portion of the proceeds will go to the USAT Foundation, which supports young athletes, para-triathletes, and Olympic hopefuls. So by building YOUR base, you also get to help build their base of athletes too! Plus, you get an awesome book, “TRI–ing Times”. The book highlights stories of tragedy and triumphs from triathletes around the world, and tells how they overcame adversity, loss and hardship.
How it works:

1)  It’s a sprint triathlon! However, the 10 min SWIM can be substituted with another activity (e.g. hike, tennis, badminton). The BIKE is 10 miles (or longer if you like). It can be done outdoors, on a trainer, or on a stationary bike. The RUN is 3.1 miles (or again longer if you like) and you can run or walked it – either outdoors or on a treadmill. If you decide to go longer, you might be eligible for an award (see below). 

2)  Do all 3 disciplines on the same day or on different days. 

3)  SAFETY FIRST! Make sure you are taking all safety precautions when swimming, biking, and running, or doing an alternative activity, including social distancing. 

4)  Record EACH activity with your watch, phone, or bike computer. A picture or file of those results should be uploaded here: 

5)  Document your tri by taking fun pictures!  Dogs, kids, partners, friends (socially distanced, of course) are encouraged to join in with you! Add a fun picture either here: or post them on the Build the Base Facebook event page

6)  Based on the USA Triathlon Foundation's motto "Encourage - Inspire - Ignite" we will give out 3 awards. Please see "Awards" for more info!

7)  Wait for your swag to come in the mail and look on Facebook and Instagram for our award announcement!

About the USA Triathlon Foundation

The Foundation’s vision is to strive for “A healthier America through sport”. The three key areas of support are young athletes, para-triathletes, and Olympic hopefuls. As a supporter of the USA Triathlon Foundation, you can feel proud knowing that you play a vital role in introducing triathlon to aspiring and underserved young athletes through camps, clinics and passionate coaching, providing para-triathletes with the right training and race equipment, and helping a promising athlete to get one step closer to their Olympic dream. 

The USA Triathlon Foundation has selected a group of committed Ambassadors across the US who are raising awareness and funds for the Foundation's mission which is transforming lives through opening pathways to swimming, biking, and running for all. One of the Ambassadors in the Northeast is Sybille Rex, a Boston local triathlete and coach. Her fundraising link is: 

A portion of the proceeds of NEEE’s last event in 2020 – the Build your Base Virtual Triathlon – will be donated to the USA Triathlon Foundation.  

If you would like to donate WITHOUT participating in the Virtual Triathlon, please use this link: 


Based on the USA Triathlon Foundation’s motto “Encourage – Inspire – Ignite”, we will give out 3 awards:

Encourage Award: This award will be given to someone who encourages a young person to join in on one, two, or all three of the activities!

Inspire Award: This award will be given to the participant who gets the highest number of newbies to participate!

Ignite Award: This award will be given to someone who goes beyond the required distance in one, two, or all three activities!