Overcoming Your Fear of Swimming

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Event Information
Part of the RACE-MANIA programming line-up, this workshop will help you recognize and address the fears you have about pool or open water swimming and help you work past them to free yourself and excel in the water. For those looking for in-water instruction sign up for the workshop plus a private or semi-private lesson with Coach Caron.
Workshop: What you will learn
In the classroom-based workshop, attendees will learn:
  • How to identify what's behind your fear of swimming
  • Coping techniques to move past the fear
  • How to make your mind work for you instead of against you.
Private or Semi-Private Lesson Opportunity
Athletes looking for additional hands-on instruction have the opportunity to get in the pool and work 1-on-1 (private lesson) with Coach Caron or in a small group session (semi-private; limited to 2 people) with Coach Caron. Both the private and semi-private opportunities will allow you to share specific challenges you have with pool or open water swimming and get specific tips and guidance from Coach Caron on how to overcome them.
About Your Instructor
Coach Carolanne Caron is a USA Swimming Certified Coach, an American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 2 Certified Coach, Certified Stroke Technician, and a Canfield Certified Trainer in the Success Principles. She specializes in adult learners, people with fear of water, and triathletes and has spent years studying different methods of swimming and adopting the pieces which work.  Coach Caron is the swimming and water safety expert at Winning Swimming.
This workshop takes place at the Boston University Fit Rec Center located at 915 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your workshop.  You will be notified the week of the event with the room number where the workshop will be held.
Overcoming Your Fear of Swimming