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Event Information
Part of the line-up of clinics & workshops offered at the 2018 RACE-MANIA Summit & Expo, ChiRunning combines the inner focus and flow of Tai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a revolutionary running form and philosophy that takes the pounding, pain and potential damage out of the sport of running.
Level I Clinic Description
The Level I clinic will cover (1) Introduction to ChiRunning; (2) injury prevention and energy efficiency; (3) cooperating with the force of gravity and the force of the road; and (4) ChiRunning form. 

Level II Clinic Description
The Level II clinic is designed for people that have already participated in a Level I clinic and want to take ChiRunning to the next level. The Level II clinic will include (1) a review of proper ChiRunning posture; (2) cooperating with the force of gravity and the force of the road; (3) pelvic rotation/use of your oblique muscle to run more efficiently and faster; (4) hill running; and (5) video analysis before and after the clinic. 
About Your Instructor

These clinics will be led by Vince Vaccaro, a Master Chi Running®/Chi Walking® Instructor and was personally trained by Danny Dreyer, the founder of these two revolutionary techniques and Chris Griffin a Master Chi Running®/Chi Walking® Instructor. 

Prior to Chi Running, Vince’s running was tempered with exhaustive effort, injury, and pain.  Since training with Danny and Chris, Vince now runs with greater ease, less effort, no injuries, better results and NO need for recovery. 

Chi Running is making possible Vince’s goal of completing a marathon in each state and on each continent. He has completed countless 5ks, the Lake Tahoe Triple, the Goofy Challenge, and the JFK 50. He has also completed 50+ marathons and two Ultras.  

A resident of NH, Vince become certified in 2005 and achieved the teaching qualification of Master instructor in 2009. He travels throughout the United States teaching workshops to athletes and non-athletes of all ability levels. enjoyed sharing the process oriented practices of Chi Running and Chi Walking to all ability levels. 

All ChiRunning clinics take place on the indoor track at the Boston University Fit Rec Center located at 915 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA. Please meet at the Tri Tek booth on th RACE-MANIA expo floor 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your clinic.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results from your participation in the ChiRunning Clinic you will be refunded your clinic fee (less online processing fees).
Refund Policy
Refunds are not allowed, but if for some reason you are unable to participate you may contact Event Management about transferring your registration to another athlete. 
ChiRunning Clinic