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Denver EOD Undefeated Ride 2017

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$15,107.00 donated so far
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    In memory of Kevin Childre
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    In memory of Chad Regelin
Event Information
Denver, you are on a roll! Join this ride through some of the most scenic parts of Denver and the Front Range. This is a 100k ride. Limited spots available.

This ride directly benefits wounded EOD Techs and their families as well as the families of our fallen EOD Techs who, undefeated, continue their lives after an injurious or lives-altering blast. Facing numerous mental health issues, managing post-traumatic stress, learning life and work skills with prosthetics and living with traumatic brain injuries, they forge on. This fundraising bike ride directly supports these EOD Techs and their families on their long journey of recovery.  
About EOD Undefeated Ride

Navy EOD Cmdr. Kevin Childre and friends started the EOD Undefeated Bike Ride to support the EOD community in 2009, the year that was the most devastating to the EOD community in injuries and lives lost. Twenty-six in all. 

In the years since, there have been additional wounded and fallen EOD techs but, because of the strength and dedication of EOD, they remain Undefeated.

In May 2015, Kevin lost his life following a crash on a six-day bike ride from San Francisco to San Diego while promoting awareness of the EOD Warrior Foundation. The EOD Undefeated Ride continues in his honor.

EOD Undefeated Ride has raised over $1.2 million for the EOD Warrior Foundation since 2009. Help us top the $1.5 million mark this year.

Where the Money Goes

EOD Warrior Foundation serves the all-service EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to active-duty and veteran wounded Technicians, their families, and the families of our fallen EOD Technicians.

EODs are trained to find, disarm and render safe IEDs, bombs, munitions and explosives before they go off. 

But sometimes, the IEDs explode, with EOD techs in the blast zone. That one second explosion has a lifelong impact resulting in loss of limbs, eyesight, traumatic brain injury, and PTSD, all requiring ongoing support.

EOD Warrior Foundation programs ease the stress caused by that life changing moment by providing financial support to EOD Techs and their families for such great expenses as: 

  • modifications to vehicles and homes to accommodate the wounded EOD warriors’ needs.
  • service dog training and veterinary care, which allow service members to engage in civilian life with a reassuring companion.
  • transportation and other long-term costs for psychological health and traumatic brain injury care and treatment.
  • family and spouse-caregiver retreats to build new bonds and make happy memories together.

Proceeds from the EOD Undefeated Rides support programs that offset these lifelong costs so our EOD Techs and their families can forge on, Undefeated.