Advanced Freestyle: Maximizing the Speed Equation

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Event Information
Part of the RACE-MANIA line-up of clinics and workshops, this 90-minute swim clinic is designed for average to above average swimmers who are looking to get faster and more efficient in the water.
Clinic details

Everyone says “You’re a good swimmer. You’re so lucky!” You know you still have room for improvement, but never see a clinic that feels like it will target your needs. This is that clinic.  Breakthrough Performance Coaching coach Sue Sotir will examine what you're doing well and then identify technique refinements that will help you increase what you get out of each stroke your take, reduce your drag, and take you from already solid to even faster and more efficient. This 90-minute clinic will take place entirely in the BU Fit Rec Pool area with time on the pool deck and plenty of time in the water.

Who's it for and what you will learn

This clinic is for average to above triathletes, open water swimmers, and pool swimmers who have solid technique and solid speed, but want to continue to improve their mechanics and speed. Attendees will learn:

    • How drag impacts your swim speed and what to do about it
    • An understanding of the mechanics of the shoulder and shoulder blade and how they contribute to force production in freestyle
    • How buoyancy, gravity, thrust, and drag interact
    • How to modify your already solid swim to make it more efficient and effective

    What to bring

    This is a pool-based swim clinic so come prepared to swim!

    About your instructor

    This clinic will be led by Sue Sotir, a member of the Breakthrough Performance Coaching team. Sue has a PhD in Physical Education with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She is a USA Triathlon: Level II Certified Coach, a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association: NSCA-CSCS and brings almost 30 years of experience in sport, coaching, and education. She has worked with beginners seeking fitness, youth and junior elites, competitive adults, and professional athletes and has been a member of the coaching staffs for the USA Triathlon Northeast Regional Development Camps, the Northeast Collegiate Draft Legal Triathlon Camp, the USA Triathlon Junior Elite Specialty Camps, as well as age group, high school, and masters swim teams.

    In addition to sport coaching, Susan serves as a consultant for elite athletes and coaches developing and integrating mental skills into sport practice and performance.