The Gut Check - 2019

Benefiting Dream Day on Cape Cod


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 08:00 AM


08:00 AM

DCR-Nickerson State Park
3488 MAIN ST
Brewster, MA, 02631-1521
Registration for this event is closed
Event Information
After five successful years as one of the most difficult sprint triathlons in the world, The Gut Check has been reconfigured for 2019 as a point-to-point adventure race within Cape Cod’s 2000-acre DCR Nickerson State Park. Each year, the course will be different — and no one knows exactly what what it will be until shortly before the race. Just know that it will be an endurance workout you won’t soon forget!

This is a race for intermediate and experienced athletes. Expect cold water, steep hills and difficult cliffside running trails paved with tree roots. While there will be emergency medical support on-site, all participants race at their own risk.

Athlete's Guide:

How it will work:

Until shortly before the race, all you’ll know about this year’s Gut Check is that it will combine running, cycling, orienteering and water crossing (surfboard or paddleboard, as this year’s October date is too cold for swimming) in Nickerson State Park. You will present yourself at designated checkpoints along the way. Expect a finishing time of 1 to 2 hours. Whether you compete solo or with a group of your friends (2, 3 or 4 persons), the objective is to use your wits and fitness to scramble your way (including 92 steps built into a cliff) to the finish.

How should I prepare?
 What should I bring?

Prepare yourself for this event by training to be capable of trail running and biking for about two hours. Biking elevations range from -5% to 8% grades, running elevations up to 18% grade. While swimming will again be part of future Gut Checks, this year’s late October race day means you will be paddling a board — any kind will do, SUP, kneeling paddleboard, surfboard. Bring your own, or a limited supply will be available to rent. Be prepared for a mile of paddling. Bring — at the least — a compass, we'll supply the map! There will be four race categories: solo, two-person, three-person and four-person. All members of a team must remain in close contact and finish at the same time.


Be prepared to:

Paddle 1 - 1.35 miles

Bike (steep hills) 4 - 8 miles

Run (technical trails) 3.5 - 6 miles

Gear List

Road Bike

Bike Helmet

Paddle board w/ paddle or surf board

Life vest or safe-swimmer buoy

Running (or trail) shoes that don't mind getting wet


We'll supply the laminated map

Recommended Gear

Marker to be used on laminated map

Long pants, tights or leg protection

Sunglasses or hat

Bug spray


Dry bag or safe swimmer buoy with inner compartment


Race with friends or race solo. 

Racing as a team:

Each person registers as an individual, noting the name of your team during the registration process. This avoids the hassle of one person registering the team but then needing to gather info and collect money from everybody. Team members can also decide prior to the event to "race solo," or vice versa. On race day each member of the team must go through check points and finish line together. May the fastest... and smartest... teams win!

Can teams share a paddleboard?
Yes! Up to 2 team members can be on 1 paddleboard at a time.
Registration deadline
On-line registration will close on October 16 at 5:00pm.
Transfer/Refund Policy
There will be no refunds , transfers or wait list.
Rain Date
There is no rain date.  Race director does reserve the right to substitute a trail run for the paddle if weather dictates it.
Field Limit
150 Athletes!
Results are expected to be posted to the Gut Check website and within a day. Results link will be posted on this website and the race Facebook page.

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The Course

Athletes will receive laminated maps that have checkpoints pre-marked before the race. You will navigate between checkpoints using the map and compass. Teams must check in at all checkpoints and the finish line together. Segments will be categorized as either a run, bike, or paddle discipline. Keep in mind that you may have multiple running, biking, and paddling legs that alternate throughout the race. Also, unlike a relay, 2, 3 or 4-person teams compete together the entire race.
This is a point-to-point race, there is no central transition area so plan accordingly.

The Gut Check  - 2019