About this event

With the difficult times our beloved country is going through, the Beirut Marathon Association is determined more than ever to organize its annual Marathon on the 14th of November to initiate a national momentum for hope, aiming to restore unity, solidarity and dignity with the power of a RUN: UNITED WE RUN FOR HOPE.

The Marathon has always been a celebration of our country, bringing people together from all walks of life and a platform for the community and its causes.
This year, in solidarity with the NGOs who are trying to makes ends meet during in these dire conditions, all proceeds from the race will be donated to several organizations such as Beit El Baraka, Brave Heart, Children’s Cancer Center, Idraac, Live Love, Lebanese Autism Society, Teach a Child and The Neonate Fund.

Event Terms
  • Virtual participants have to run within the event go live timeframe (Nov 12 to Nov 15, Beirut Time 12:00 AM)
  • This event can be run anywhere in the world
  • Participants must run the whole distance of 42.195 KM, 21.1 KM, 8 KM, or 5 KM to be eligible for results, an official e-certificate, an official event T-Shirt and Medal. Click here for a simple guide on how to submit your results!
  • Participants will have their event package: BIB-number, official event Medal and official event T-Shirt, shipped to the address filled on the registration form
  • This event has a no-refund policy 
  • Participants must submit their results either through a wearable device or manually through their Haku account
  • This is a non-competitive event. No awards or prizes will be given. 
  • This event has no insurance policy 
  • We encourage all participants to be active on event page send photos of their runs and use the hashtag #unitedwerunforhope #runbeirut
  • Participants must always be respectful to the environment in which they are running
  • Participants must adhere to the social distancing measures and COVID-19 guidelines set by their governing bodies
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