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Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 08:00 AM

YETI Catch Wars

Eagle River - Edwards to Wolcott
Edwards, Edwards, CO 81632
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Event Information
Experienced angler and oarsman duos take on the Eagle River to see which team of 2 can catch the most fish from Edwards to Wolcott.
YETI Catch Wars

Catch Wars takes a 2-person team + 1 judge and sends them down a selected stretch of Eagle River twice in hopes of catching the most fish and scoring the most points.

In Round 1, one partner is the designated oarsman while the other partner fishes (catch & release) and the judge, well... judges. In Round 2, the two teammates switch roles and take on the Edwards to Wolcott stretch again. The more fish caught (and safely released!) the more points the team earns.

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