Vinyl Grinder 2


Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 08:00 AM


08:00 AM

Exit One Taproom
10 NE 3rd Street #3
Florida City, FL, 33034
Registration for this event is closed
Event Information
Here we go again!! Bikes, beers, food, gravel, dirt, fun and direct from the analog master's VINYL GRINDER time!! This year we will be donating all funds collected to Mercy Corps for the Bahamas recovery in Chris Mohr's name. This time around bring your favorite vinyl record to be spun by DJ Scary Gary and DJ Dangerous Dan. Wear an old concert or band t-shirt post-ride. Bring your bike too! Hoping to offer three different, unique courses for all levels of riders. This will include the famous "Prison Loop" from last year! Keep an eye on this event page for details as we create said details for you.
In Memory of Chris Mohr

The last Vinyl Grinder was held in August of 2016. Those that attended that year will remember Chris Mohr being at that event. It was only a few months later, on January 1st, 2017 that Chris was the victim of a hit and run driver. For this time around, I would like to hold this event in memory of Chris. 

The majority of the registration fee will be donated to the Markham Park Trail Building Fund in Chris Mohr’s name. The remaining portion will go to help with the rental of the audio equipment and to your rest stop.
Things to Know


You have to sign in, even if you registered on-line, once you arrive at the event. If you did not register on-line you will have to register at the event. The volunteers will mark you off the list or sign you up and give you a wristband at that time. You will need a wristband to use the rest stop on the ride.

Parking will be guided by volunteers upon arrival. Do not park in any other lots or areas you are not told to be in. 

You must have a mountain bike or gravel bike (40c wide tires suggested) for this ride. No hybrid or road bikes. (Also, no recumbent bikes, adult trikes, push bikes or unicycles…….HAH)

This is not a ride for beginners who have never ridden off road or have not ridden more than 28 miles off road. The shortest route on this ride is 28 miles, without going down to the Aerojet Factory. If you ride to the Aerojet section be prepared for 40-45 miles. 

Bring everything you need to be self-sufficient on this ride. Have two tubes, CO2’s, multi-tools, patch kits and frame pump. Sunscreen and bug spray are suggested, there are horse flies in some areas we will ride through. Carry plenty of water (hydration backpacks if you have them) and food. There will be a rest stop you can stop at two times during the ride, but it is only going to be providing water and Gatorade, plus any tech support if you need. DO NOT BE A BURDEN TO THE OTHER RIDERS BY NOT BEING PREPARED! 

THIS IS NOT A RACE! There will be no course map provided, so unless you know where the group is going please follow the ride leaders. Some of the roads/paths are narrow and passing others will be a danger to yourself or other riders, so unless there is more than ample room for passing, stay in line. Anybody caught riding recklessly will be asked to leave the ride immediately, no matter where we are at during the ride.

Some areas will have very rough roads/paths, so make sure you give yourself some distance from the rider in front of you so you avoid any obstacles.

STAY ON THE ROADS/PATHS! Do not pass or ride in a section of farm field or grass along a farm field. This is planting season and there are hidden irrigation holes that will seriously damage your bike (AND POSSIBLY BREAK YOUR FACE) if you hit one. The ride leaders will make sure to point these out or other obstacles, as they do this you pass this information along to those behind you.

In some areas there are Poison Wood trees (I would suggest doing the Goggle on this so you can get an idea of what this tree looks like so you can avoid it). These trees produce the irritant urushiol much like its close relatives poison sumac and poison oak. If you brush up against these trees you will get a nasty, irritable rash……not fun.

Oh, there are snakes, gators and other wildlife where we will be riding. DO NOT PET THE WILDLIFE! Keep your eyes open.

This may seem like quite a few rules, but this ride is supposed to be an adventure ride and fun for all riders. These rules are here to insure we all ride together, treat each other with respect and watch out for one another. Remember, you are not the only rider when you are with a group. 


Vinyl Grinder 2