SwimRun Cape Cod


Saturday, September 21, 2024

Saturday, September 21, 2024 at 08:00 AM


08:00 AM

Wellfleet Elementary School
100 Lawrence Rd, Wellfleet, MA, USA
Wellfleet, MA, 02667-7701


Event Information
SwimRun Cape Cod was developed for those looking for a new and unique challenge. It consists of: 9.7 miles of running and 1.8 miles of fresh-water swimming across 7 bodies of water within the Cape Cod National Seashore (we call this the Medium Course). There is also a Short option: 4 miles running with 0.75 miles of swimming. Like many swim-run competitions, we welcome solo competitors or teams of two athletes.
Medium Course Route

Racers will embark on a combination run/swim effort (9.7 miles of running, 1.8 miles of swimming, across seven legs) through the Cape Cod National Seashore lands in Truro and Wellfleet. The runners will be following existing footpaths and both dirt and paved roads, with the last run leg entirely on paved roads:

• Run #1: Truro Highlands, 3.3 miles

• Swim #1: Snow Pond, 100 yards

• Run #2: Fire Roads, 1.4 mile

• Swim #2: Slough Pond, 1/4 mile

• Run #3: Jeep Trails, 1/2 mile

• Swim #3: Higgins Pond, 1/8 mile

• Run #4: Path, 50 yards

• Swim #4: Gull Pond, 1/2 mile

• Run #5: Paved and DirtRoads, 1.2 mile

• Swim #5: Long Pond, 1/2 mile

• Run 6: Paved Roads, 1 1/2 miles

• Swim #6: Great Pond, 1/8 mile

• Run 7: Paved and Dirt Roads, 1/2 mile

• Swim #7: Dyer Pond, 1/6 mile

• Run #8: 1.3 mile trail run to finish at Wellfleet Elementary School

In A Nutshell

SwimRun Cape Cod is a largely self-supported race. Like many swim-run competitions, we welcome solo competitors or teams of two athletes. 

The Short race is intended to introduce athletes to the swim-run concept and should be easily accomplished by those who have accomplished a sprint triathlon in the recent past.

Short Course Route

Racers will start and finish at the Wellfleet Elementary School. Athletes will encounter 3 water crossings.

Distance: 4 miles of running, 0.75 miles of swimming.

  • Run #1: Long Pond Rd., 0.7 mile
  • Swim #1: Long Pond, 1/2 mile
  • Run #2: Long Pond/Cahoon Hallow Rd, 1.5 miles
  • Swim #2: Great Pond, 1/8 mile
  • Run #3: Forrest Rd/Way 623, 1/2 mile
  • Swim #3: Dyer Pond, 1/6 mile
  • Run #4: Fire Roads/Long Pond Rd, 1.3 miles


Teams must remain together throughout the race. Tethers are allowed but are not mandatory.


Each athlete must attend the virtual Athlete's Meeting the Tuesday before the race, or watch it later on YouTube. 

All athletes must wear the race-provided swim caps while swimming. Extra caps will be at the entrance to each pond if an athlete loses one. Let the race organizers know in advance if you have a latex allergy.

All participants will be provided with bright green “safety swimmer” buoy devices with leash. Wearing a buoy is mandatory — although athletes can substitute their own buoy if they wish. Teams can share one buoy. The race-supplied buoy has an inner cavity to carry shoes and nutrition, and is yours to keep.

All participants will be provided with number markings for on-course identification by race officials. These will take the place of bibs, and can be worn over any tri suit, swimsuit or wetsuit.

Equipment that is generally accepted at most swim-run events are allowed here. This includes goggles and masks, wetsuits, hand paddles, pull buoys, and specialty swim-run shoes. Note: you do not need to use all of these. As to shoes: some athletes prefer to take off their shoes for the swim segments, but more and more most competitors at these events wear their run shoes for the duration.

Transfer/Refund Policy

No transfers, substitutions or deferments permitted.

Rain Date

There is no rain date. Race management reserves the right to modify or shorten the race course in case of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. This has happened often, and athletes should be aware of — and accept — the possibility.

All competitors receive their results by email and text immediately upon finishing. Results will to be posted to NEEevents.com.

For those traveling from afar, Cape Cod is awash with hotels, motor lodges, inns, bed and breakfasts, vacation cottages and AirBnB offerings.


Awards ceremony time and place to be announced to all athletes. Awards will go to top solo men and women, mixed teams, female teams and male teams. Solo awards will include Open, Senior, and Masters categories. Binary categories will be awarded if warranted by registration data.


While the race is point-to-point (Atlantic Ocean in Truro to Wellfleet Village), athletes will park near the finish at the Wellfleet Elementary School and will be shuttled by bus to the start line.


We love our volunteers!  Friends and family members of athletes, past participants and curious future participants are all encouraged to volunteer and watch the action up close!  T-shirt, refreshments, swag bag and a post-race meal are only some of the perks! Contact info@neeevents.com for more information.

The Courses

Run course markings consist of “marker flags” — the kind you might see temporarily planted by a utility company or a landscaper, consisting of thin wire stakes with a small flag atop. Racers are responsible for following these flags as they run the course. There are some segments where the runners will travel alongside a paved road. All athletes must stay to the side of the road and follow all traffic regulations.

All ponds have sandy entrances/exits. Water temperature is expected to be in the low 70s. Buoys are placed for sighting. Water crossings will be lifeguarded to meet USA Triathlon standards. Nutrition and hydration stations as well as portable restrooms will be at the entrance or exit to ponds at five evenly spaced points.


This is a USAT Sanctioned race! That means that we meet or exceed strict guidelines set by USA Triathlon. This benefits the athlete by providing additional insurance coverage in case of injury.

You are required to have  a USA Triathlon membership in order to race in any USAT-sanctioned event. Non-USAT members will be required to purchase a one-day event insurance license from USA Triathlon. Costs: $13/individual, $6 per relay team member. For more information about these USAT changes please click here.

Results will count toward national and regional rankings. All USAT rules and regulations will apply. Racers are subject to time penalties or disqualification for infractions of USAT rules included a positive drug test.

SwimRun Cape Cod