Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 03:00 PM

MACK Cycle 4G (Great Gator Gravel Grinder) 2019

The Miami Brewing Company
30205 Southwest 217th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33030, USA, Homestead, FL 33034
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Event Information
The MACK Cycle 4G (Great Gator Gravel Grinder), the “Southern-Most Un-Southern” gravel grinder in the US, is back for the 6th year! Our host sponsor this year, Miami Brewing Company, happens to be one of the southern-most breweries in the US! What a perfect match!! Plus, this year it is our pleasure to announce that Mack Cycle & Fitness will be our Title Sponsor! All proceeds from this event are donated to Radio Lollipop at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in honor of my freind Meagan Wentworth. On March 23rd, Lauf will be hosting a gravel bike demo at Miami Brewing Company. Stay tuned for times on this. There will also be a night ride hosted by Lauf and our friend Michael Hoover of the Gravelers Bicycle Group. March 24th, Sunday is the big event. This year, as with all years previous, we are offering two of the most unique and challenging courses in South Florida. There is a 32 mile course and a 62 mile course of course. Taking you to places where only gators, pythons, rattlesnakes and other assorted wildlife call home. The 62 mile course has the extra added bonus of doing a lap around a prison! Plus we are offering a third 10-15 mile route for beginners led by #MACKcycle Ambassador Rob Romero that will give you a good idea of the variety of terrain the other riders are experiencing! Wait! There’s more!! We have so many great sponsors this year that have given us a ton of product to give away in our free “Gr-raffle” that you are automatically in once you register for the ride! Plus there are two other “Gr-Raffles” you can buy in to whether you register for the ride or not! Buy tickets for a Giant Bicycles Revlot Gravel bike valued at over $2100 It’s going to be bigger and better and better and bigger than the words “bigger” and “better” can even come close to defining. So, sign up, get your bikes, legs and stuff ready and come out to join us for one of the most extraordinary things you can do on your bicycle on gravel in South Florida with a whole bunch of other awesome people on bicycles on gravel in South Florida!! Yeah Yeah! Gravel Gravel!
Trail Info
Here’s just a few things you may need to know about the 6th annual 4G bicycle thing.

Mother Nature may or may not cooperate with event days on any event you may attend. So, make sure to be prepared for any type of weather thrown our way on event day.

As usual, you should think of this as a self-supported ride for the most part. There will be rest stops along the routes, although you should carry all of your own repair needs with you on these routes. There are areas on these courses that if you do have a mechanical you are not prepared for you will have a long walk out before you can get to an area our sag vehicle can assist you.

This goes for water and nutrition also, make sure you have enough of these items between the rest stops provided during the event. There are two rest stops on the 32 mile route and three on the 62 mile route. The first rest stop for the 32 mile route is at the 20 mile marker and then the last stop is at the 27 mile marker. For the 62 mile your first rest stop is at 25 miles in with the second at the 50 mile marker and the final at the 57 mile marker.

Remember you are responsible for yourself on this ride.

Ride within your limits. Do not ride to put yourself or any other riders in any type of danger.
Other rules such as “If you bring it with you, you carry it out” apply. Do not litter!

When coming to any road crossings, please look before you cross. You may be out in the middle of somewhere you think is nowhere but there are cars out there still (and they go really fast).

At the finish, since we have the Miami Brewing Company as our host and they are providing us with a large event staging area, let us all respect our host sponsor by not “Tailgating” in the parking lot area during this event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone who has been out before and looking forward to seeing a whole lot of new faces!!


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