Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Tri Bike or Road Bike: What’s the Best Fit for Me?

Boston University Fit Rec Center
915 COMMONWEALTH AVE, Boston, MA 02215-1394
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Event Information
Part of the RACE-MANIA Summit and Expo line-up of clinics and workshops, this 60-minute workshop will explore the differences between Road and Triathlon bikes in terms of fit and use. It will help you decide which is best suited for your riding style and key events while providing information on bike fit fundamentals.
What you will learn

Attendees of this workshop will learn: 

  • Key differences between a road and triathlon bike and which type of bike – road or triathlon - will best suit you.
  • The fundamentals behind a proper riding position for a road and triathlon bike. 
  • How a proper bike fitting before you select your bike can help you choose the right bike and improve riding comfort and performance.

Just for attending
Coupon worth $25 off a Fit Werx Rider First Bike Fitting.
About Your Instructor
Dean Phillips is a co-owner of Fit Werx in Peabody, MA. Dean’s comprehensive approach to rider positioning and product selection has benefited countless road cyclists and triathletes at all levels. A former pro triathlete, Dean is regarded as a leading industry authority in aerodynamics and bike positioning and he spends hundreds of hours each year field testing and analyzing the aerodynamic and mechanical properties of body positions and cycling equipment. Due to a running injury, Dean changed his focus from triathlon and started doing hill climbs and racing bikes in 2011. Dean races for Team Fit Werx and holds multiple TT and track National and World Championship titles, including a Master's World Record in Pursuit.

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