Miami Full Marathon Training




It’s easier to complete a large goal by breaking it down to smaller manageable goals. That’s what interval training is all about. We break up our runs into manageable run and walk segments. Therefore, all you need to focus on are the next few minutes of running. The scheduled walk break helps you recover, allows your muscles to rest, makes it easier to keep the group together, and makes the long run seem much shorter.


The long run is the key to completing any endurance event. These runs will take place Saturday mornings. It’s important to take it slow during these longer training sessions. We like to use the talk test. If you can’t talk while you’re running then you might be going too fast. Save the fast runs for the weekday short runs.  Most of the long runs start from the FootWorks Running store in South Miami.

While the long runs and walks will build your endurance, it is the weekly running and cross-training that will ultimately transform your state of health and fitness. We encourage you to join us for two weekly short runs or walks of no more than 60 minutes. These will start with just 20 minutes and increase during training. To keep you on schedule, FootWorks offers three fun runs. Tuesday and Thursday, each week, from the FootWorks Running store in South Miami at 6:30pm. And the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from Concrete Beach Brewery in Wynwood at 7:00pm.
  • 22-Weeks of training
  • Leadership by 100-time marathoner Josh Liebman
  • Technical running shirt and official training program
  • 15% discount at FootWorks (discount starts when you register and ends at completion of the program)
  • Training with a pace group that is right for your needs!
  • Measured & marked running courses with water and Vitalyte Sports Drink stations
  • Entry to the TeamFootWorks VIP Hospitality Village at the Miami Marathon
  • Does NOT include or guarantee entry to the Miami Marathon
Miami Full Marathon Training