Sea to Summit - Porter Registeration


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 05:15 AM


05:15 AM

Historic Hamilton House
South Berwick, ME, 03908-1711


Event Information
Each competitor must designate a support person, or porter. Porters will be present at the pre-race meeting, the swim start, drive the course (although not alongside the athlete), take away the bike at T2, and chauffeur the athlete down the mountain. For relay teams: as the race progresses one of the non-active team members assumes the role of porter.
Relay Teams

If you are a member of a relay team you will porter for each other so you can skip this registration process!

We'll need some information

Please click on "Porter" above and then fill in the registration form so we have basic info - your name, cell phone (we'll need it for race day) email, emergency contact and shirt size are most important. Don't forget to sign the liability release waiver, too.


Thanks for agreeing to spend your day helping your friend or loved one participate in the Sea to Summit Triathlon. This race is like no other and requires that each athlete have a Porter (that's you) to act as a race support through 91+ miles of biking and over 5 miles of climbing - you don't have to climb Mt Washington (although you can if you wish), just make sure your athlete has everything needed to have a safe climb and a ride back down the mountain.

You get swag too!

Recognizing that you are an important part of S2S, you will receive a race shirt, swag bag and entry into the delicious turkey dinner post-race meal and lots of thank yous (only 1 designated porter per participant).

Sea to Summit - Porter Registeration